Steam accumulators is a pressure tank that is coated with steel for the purposes of holding steam under high pressure. Purpose of the steam accumulators is to release steam at the time when the demand for the steam is greater than the ability of the boiler to supply the amount required and when the demand is low, it helps to accept the steam back, To meet fluctuating & sudden steam load & To meet peak load demands in specific industries

steam-accumulatorHow steam accumulator charges the steam: the tank is filled halfway with cold water then a steam is blown into the tank from a boiler through perforated pipes that are attached a long the base of the tank. in the event that the steam accumulator has charged to its fullest, some of the heated water will then condense back to the tank and as a result, it raises the levels of water in the tank to almost full and in the process, the pressure and even temperature go up in the tank.

How steam accumulators discharges the steam: the amount of steam in the tank can be drawn out any time depending on the need, for example, it can be drawn either for the purposes of driving steam turbines or for processing purposes through a steam valve located at the top of the tank.