Combitherm boiler is a energy efficient water cum smoke tube boiler that combines the advantage of smoke tube and water tube design. We can help you by saving upto 40% of the fuel cost by proving highly energy efficient combitherm boiler. We also provide double water wall panel & 5 side water wall membrane panel for better heat transfer, increased efficiency & reduced refractory work.

combitherm boiler

3 Pass Smoke Cum Water Tube Type Boiler design can burn a variety of fuels like Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse, Groundnut shells, and several other fuels.

Combitherm Boiler, Membrane water-wall type boiler is available in capacities from 1 TPH to 15 TPH

Advantages To You

  • Combines the advantage of water tube and smoke tube designs
  • High thermal efficiency and low operating costs
  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection
  • Flexibility of fuels with choice of agro waste fuels
  • Large Furnace volume i.e. high volume fuel can be burnt & better combustion of fuels
  • Large water holding capacity as well as large water steam interface area that ensures dry steam
  • Maximum heat transfer via radiation in membrane panel water wall i.e. high efficiency

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