If your organization or business has DG exhaust, furnace exhaust, kiln exhaust, incinerator exhaust etc a huge amount of energy is rapidly exhausted in your flue gas right now. In fact, if you haven’t outfitted your equipment with a highly effective waste heat recovery system, 18-25% or more of the original energy available will literally “go up in smoke.” Not only energy that is being wasted every time, you’re also losing money.


Thankfully, there is something very important you can do about it. The flue gas waste heat recovery boiler captures virtually all the energy potential exhausted in the flue gases and converts it into usable heat. This typically raises efficiency to about 90-95% and reduces the energy costs by 10-15%. Imagine what to do if you could possibly take that money and put it back in your company’s pocket. For every dollar being saved is untapped profit that can help in boosting your organization’s bottom line.

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The current society across the globe has embraced environmental-friendly ways to generate hot air hence the need to use flue gas. One of the most efficient and environment-friendly ways to generate indirect heat is from flue gases .i.e. THERMAIR-Hot Air Generator. The process of operation occurs when cold air is inserted in a hot air generator, and it absorbs heat from the flue gas passage and when cold air and flue gas are moving in different direction and eventually transferring the heat from flue gas to cold air eventually producing hot air. Hot air generator using flue gas caters to any hot air requirement of any drier, replaces electricity and steam to generate hot air and the drying time and drying cost is considerably reduced therefore providing an economically cheapest clean air available instantly. Hot air generators are used for industrial use where hot air is required for drying or any other indirect heating process. Such industries include chemical, pharmaceuticals, food processing, automobiles and textiles industries.

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With the significant environmental and financial benefits condensing economizers provide, it is much easier to see why a lot of companies are now investing in this technology. Through this effective waste heat recovery, virtually all organization or business can increase profits, by reducing the cost of energy and saving the money every month, year after year right back into their bottom line.