An electric boiler uses electricity instead of combustion of fuel to come up with hot steam. Electra is very talked-about due to their simplicity and easy use. Electric steam boiler converts current into thermal energy with 100% efficiency. Electra is compact and environmentally friendly.


Benefits of Electric Boiler

The electric boiler is widely accepted because of its maintenance-free and economical installation. An electrical boiler emits no pollutants i.e. Environment-Friendly.  Electrical boilers are safer than oil/gas/wood fired boilers as there’s no concern regarding gas or oil leaking or any explosion. However, water with a minimum recommendation should be used for correct & safe boiler operation.

  1. No separate boiler house or chimney needed
  2. Environmentally friendly and pollution free for the purpose of use
  3. No fuel Storage demand
  4. No special health and safety precautions
  5. Fast steam & quandary generation relative to gas and oil laid-off boilers
  6. Zero Emissions
  7. Compact, simple to put in and may be placed near the purpose of use
  8. Low maintenance and years of bother free operation
  9. High Efficiency

Characteristics of Electrical Steam Boilers

Electric steam boilers i.e. ELECTRA can be offered for low, medium and high capacity applications.  We provide Industrial boilers for our customers in every sector in conjunction with complete after-sales service together with boiler authorization & maintenance contracts. Backed by more than 800 successfully executed projects across all the major industry segments using boilers, and having worked for some of the top names in the industry, we have had quite enriching experiences regarding process & workflow in the industrial environment.

Each unit of electrical boiler ought to be complete with automatic options, together with pressure and water level controllers. Electric boilers are good for pretty much any application like Pharmaceutical, Sterilization, Food process, Cosmetics etc.