Steam boiler is an apparatus that is used to produce steam. In case of steam boilers, corrosion is degradation of boiler material. Corrosion is a complex electrochemical reaction. It is caused by water in boilers and can result in pinpoint penetration of boiler metal.


Corrosion in boiler primarily can be due to the reaction of oxygen present in boiler water with boiler metal. Corrosion may also occur as a result of low pH boiler water. Ferrous component of boiler metal reacts with the oxygen present in boiler water to undergo oxidation. Due to this oxidation formation of ferrous oxide takes place. Ferrous oxide leads to the formation of cavities & holes in the metal that ultimately destructs boiler metal.

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  • Improper and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Exposure of boiler metal to dissolved gases present in boiler water
  • Oxygen present in boiler water
  • Carbon Dioxide present in boiler water
  • Unbalanced pH of boiler water


  • Holes in the metal surface
  • Pitting
  • Loss in boiler efficiency due to reduced heat transfer
  • Reduced boiler life
  • Risk of life


  • Proper water treatment
  • Deareation of boiler feed water
  • Proper pH maintenance
  • Minimizing stresses through proper design & practice
  • Control of deposits
  • Control of oxygen & carbon dioxide present in boiler feed water

It is important to take precautions in treating boiler feed water to prevent corrosion. Corrosion in the boiler can result in loss of efficiency and even loss of human life. Corrosion in the boiler can even lead to boiler explosion; therefore it is necessary to take preventive measure to combat corrosion. Thermodyne Engineering Systems is a leading Industrial boiler manufacturer that can help you in getting energy efficient boiler at an affordable price. Thermodyne Boilers also provides water softener & water treatment chemicals to prevent corrosion in boilers. For any queries mail us at