Forging is a manufacturing process which involves shaping of metals using compressive forces. Globally energy cost represents 10% to 12% of the cost of production for forging unit. Against this in our city, many units are spending as high as 22% which is alarming high. Energy cost is controllable in a short-term through assessment analysis and cost-effective energy conservation measures.


We Thermodyne Engineering Systems are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers of highly efficient Steam boilers and allied equipment. After carrying out an in-depth study of operating procedures in forging industries, especially boilers, we have developed a highly efficient Boiler system which can save you huge amounts in fuel cost towards boiler in your factory.

As already proven by the performance, we offer you a replacement for your conventional low-efficiency coal-fired Lancashire boilers with our latest design Combitherm model boiler which can operate on coal as well as petcoke.

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Another area in your factory where huge energy saving is possible is the exhaust of your forging furnaces. We have designed a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler, which would operate in the heat from the exhaust of your forging furnaces, without any fuel input.

 Some of the features of our system are as under:

The quick response of boiler to steam demand Increased productivity
Can operate on multi-fuel options like coal / petcoke Lower operating costs and savings
Higher Productivity means lower operating hours of furnaces Lower operating costs for fuel in the furnace
Automatic Fuel feeding Reduced cost of labour for manual feeding
Steam Accumulators can be provided for higher steam storage Uninterrupted steam at the required pressure at your Hammer

Please ponder over the above facts, we are sure that you would realize that there is a huge potential for savings in your factory.

Through our expertise in the field of steam boilers, we have contributed to saving energy & garnered business from verticals across the nation. We also provide end to end solution for the industry and offer accessories like chimneys, tanks, steam distributors, pressurized condensate recovery system, pressure reducing stations, complete piping work for steam in your plant.

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For reducing your energy consumption in forging industry select most energy efficient  & reliable boilers from Thermodyne Engineering Systems & save money. For getting energy saving tips call & free supervision call us at +91-120-4110482, 4562332

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