Thermodyne Engineering Systems’ s  Revosteam is a truly Non-IBR water-tube coil type boiler. Revosteam is an instant steam generator in which the volumetric capacity of the coil is always less than 25 liters when calculated from water inlet upto steam outlet valve. In coil type boiler the water flows inside the coil and the flame is on outside it, providing heat to produce steam.



  • The boiler comprises a jacketed MS shell housing a helical coil, arranged vertically inside the boiler. Water enters from the bottom of the coil and travels upwards.
  • The burner is mounted on the top, firing vertically downwards into the coil chamber.
  • A fixed displacement type reciprocating piston pump (Boiler feed pump) forces the water into the coil from the bottom.
  • As the water moves up the coil, the heat of the fuel firing coverts it into steam as it comes out of the steam stop valve at the top of the coil.
  • The flame travels inside the boiler in 3-passes:
    • 1st pass – Vertically down from the burner
    • 2nd pass – Reverses from the bottom towards the top of the coil
    • 3rd pass – Travels vertically down in the gap between the outer side of the coil and the inner shell.
    • 4th pass – Travels vertically from the bottom towards the top inside the economizer.
  • A blower is mounted on the base skid, which provides air required for combustion of fuel.
  • The flue gases after passing through the boiler main body, enter the economizer from the bottom.
  • The Economiser is a shell & tube type heat exchanger where the flue gases travel inside the tubes and the water is on the shell side.
  • The water from the feed water tank enters first into the Economizer. Here it gets heated utilizing the heat of flue gases, which otherwise would have gone waste to the chimney.
  • This preheated water is then fed to the boiler coil through the feedwater pump
  • This jacket provided with coil type boiler has a dual advantage:
    • 1 – It pre-heats the combustion air before it reaches the burner, through the heat of flue gases in the 3rd pass (heat is exchanged through the inner shell)
    • 2 – It provides an insulating layer of air between the outer surface of the boiler and inner side, hence no external insulation is required.

Thermodyne Engineering Systems Coil Type Boiler provides numerous advantages to customers in various applications i.e. Chemical, Textiles, plastic & Rubber, plywood and laminates, metal finishing, food industry, packaging, oils, confectionery etc.

To get steam within 3-5 min of start and for ease of operation & maintenance go for highly efficient Revosteam-Coil Type Boiler. It can be operated as per process requirement with lower operational cost & no radiation losses. For any queries regarding Coil type boiler you can call us on- +91-9891042944   +91-9990212122 or mail us at