There are various incidents of boiler explosion and despite having various protection and inspection it happened almost every year. The good thing about boiler explosion is that it can be prevented & the bad thing is that some personnel are not aware of the mechanism of boiler explosion and tend to stick to their routine that results in the boiler explosion.

“About a dozen workers were injured in a Boiler  blast in  Rathi Steels Limited in Ghaziabad.”


A Boiler Explosion is a ruinous failure of a boiler. Any Boiler Explosion results in two major events:

  • The steam under pressure is suddenly exposed to much lower pressure i.e. Atmospheric Pressure resulting it to expand to almost 10-15 times expansion of its volume.
  • The tremendous amount of energy stored in the pressurized boiler water is suddenly released prompting sudden evaporation of 15 to 20% of the water to get converted into Flash steam. This steam also expands to more than 1700 times its original volume causing catastrophic damages
  • Aging containment that might have undergone a degree of corrosion
  • Mismanagement such as unqualified boiler staff
  • The water level that is much lower than the designed level
  • Faulty gauges thereby allowing pressures exceeding that designed for the drum

At Thermodyne Engineering Systems we take safety and quality as our top priority. Through our expertise in the field of the boiler, we have had quite enriching experience in manufacturing of  Steam Boilers.

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Impact of boiler explosion varies from economic point of view due to time wastage during replacement and or repair, to loss of life in cases of fatal explosions which in turn translates to the loss of manhours in the long run. It, therefore, goes without saying that awareness about boiler explosion should be part of core values in running a boiler, this can be achieved through:

  • Having a qualified personnel on site to manage the boiler
  • Running scheduled preparedness drills
  • Regular boiler checks and services

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