Low water level in a steam boiler is a situation whereby the water plunges beneath the base safe are working level as recommended by the manufacturer.With the low water level, tubes are uncovered hence no longer cooled by boiler water. The temperature of metal increases rapidly, the metals strength is reduced, and rupture occurs as the metals strength decreases.


Major causes of low water level in boiler:

  • Feedwater shortage in the feedtank
  • Feedpump Failure
  • Accidental isolation of the feedwater line
  • Failure of the level control system
  • Inadequate operation of emergency drain valve
  • Inadequate operation of low point drain

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To prevent damages of boilers from low water level, boilers should be fitted with low water cut-offs to detect the low water condition and shut down the boiler.Also, controls should be available to monitor the water level, if the water level is reached one should take appropriate action such as sounding the alarm, shutting down the burners and the feedback supply, it is also very essential to provide an external indication of the water level.

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