Pressure reducing station (PRS) is a device i.e. set of valves that are used to provide desired pressure at user’s end. When steam is at a high temperature or superheated it takes up less volume, which means you don’t need a big boiler and your steam pipes will probably be smaller than if the steam was at atmospheric pressure. High-temperature steam affects the power generating turbines because of the higher energy it has. This kind of steam is often referred to as saturated steam and it’s the kind of low pressure and temperature steam that is found to have the highest heat transfer efficiency. In addition to thinner pipes, saturated steam also requires fewer flanges and less expensive materials. 

Pressure Reducing Stations

The purpose of using Pressure Reducing Stations with industrial steam boiler

In an industrial plant setting where steam generated in an industrial steam boiler is required in different locations at different pressure according to the application, it is meant for. To make sure of this, the steam passes through a pressure reducing station to reduce the pressure to the desired level before delivering to those applications.

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A Pressure Reducing Station consists of the following

  • An inlet pressure gauge and thermometer to measure the steam pressure and temperature at the inlet
  • The steam control valve which reduces the pressure of the steam as it enters the PRS unit
    Inlet and outlet isolation valves to isolate the steam pressure control valve whenever there is maintenance
  • A Pneumatic or self-actuated bypass valve allows the steam to travel through at a reduced rate if the steam pressure control valves are shut off for maintenance or any other reason
  • Pressure safety valve and the pressure transmitter which senses steam pressure output so that a plant operator or control room operator can initiate protocols to get the pressure to a set point
  • The safety valve is used to ease the excess pressure. It will remain open until the steam is under optimal conditions

Pressure reducing stations is used for the process of heating or cooling in different industrial applications like the FMCG industry as well as paper, textile plants and in other industries.

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